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Rank Silicon and Industries PVT LTD provides best quality Manufactured rock sand and other aggregates to individuals or construction companies around Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Natural river sand protects riverbeds from erosion and acts as a filter for ground water. In the name of urbanization, existing natural sand deposits are being extracted at very fast rate, which will have impact on environment. To protect natural sand deposits from drying up, there is an acute need for a product that matches the properties of natural sand in concrete. Manufactured rock sand is one such product which is accepted by construction companies worldwide as a replacement for natural sand.

Advantages of using manufactured rock sand for construction are

  • Absence of organic and inorganic impurities
  • Cubical shaped aggregates.
  • Sand best suitable for mortar works.
  • Uniformity in size and shape of the sand particles.
  • Costs relatively lesser than river sand.
  • Rock quarried from single source of quarry results in consistent quality of sand.

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